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Wood has fascinated people and their imagination since ages. The appeal that this material has in design and architecture is not just related to its aesthetics but also to the myriad environmental benefits that it has. This unconventional format was beautifully shaped by the ingenuity of Mr. Sanjay Sharma, introducing the concept of holiday homes and adding a whole new dimension to the definition of real estate. Mr. Sharma is a Delhi based businessman with a love for wood and other diversified interests. In more and more residential projects, both big and small, architects and designers are finding new, creative ways to reveal and highlight the beauty and versatility of wood. They are creating structures that are modern, yet exude a classic, timeless elegance. In not just eco-lodges, but also in luxury resorts, spas and hotels, wood is becoming the material of choice. As guests are looking for a peaceful retreat & a sense of being one with nature, resorts are responding with wood-frame structures, wood interiors and sustainable solutions that also look fabulous. In the last eight years of its existence Wood Barn India has managed to carve an unrivalled niche for itself. It is undoubtedly to the credit of Woodbarn India that a paradigm shift has taken place in the realm of construction. It is the one company that gives due and utmost importance to environment and ecology.
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